Gold Cup Races are coming October 20, 2012

This event has become the most elegant race of the fall season.  Nick Arundel would be proud to know how it has gained a life of it’s own.  There was a time when Great Meadow was just a field or two….almost fallow.  Now the whole place has energy and charisma.  It is as if the sound and motion of it’s various race meets remain in the land even when no live events are planned. Electrifying would be a good description of the feeling of the place.

On race day you must arrive early.  If you have never been before all the different gates may be confusing.  Go in plenty of time to find your way.  Allow a generous portion of time to just walk around once you are inside.  There is a lot to see.  Do you know about races? Or are you just going there to see and be seen?  It hardly matters, because either way the races will be run and the spectators will be seen.

Be sure to wear an fantastic hat if you are female.  In fact you might want to where something jaunty if you are male. Part of the fun of Gold Cup is the imagination and creativity of the outfits people wear.  Bring a camera or keep your phone ready for quick photos.  The whole spectacle is hard to describe once you are back in your real life.  Take pictures so that you can show your friends who did not come exactly what they are missing by skipping this iconic race meet.
Enjoy your day!

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