Marshall’s History

Established in 1797 as Salem, Marshall Virginia was re-named in 1882 in honor of John Marshall, our country’s first Chief Justice.

On Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 10 A.M., The Fauquier Heritage and Preservation Foundation dedicated its research library in Marshall, Virginia to John K. Gott, noted author, lecturer, and historian. The library houses over 3500 volumes on the rich history in Virginia, the County of Fauquier, and also contains numerous genealogies on families who once called Fauquier home. The officers and the board of directors of the Foundation cordially invites everyone to stop by and view the new sign and come on in to see the Library.

(Find out more about the Old Salem Meeting House — Read our interview with John K. Gott, local historian!)

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Free print of Oak Hill, Home of Chief Justice John Marshall’s Home if you order 2 or more bricks.
Oak Hill, John Marshall's Home
Print of John Marshall’s Home

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