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Marshall is a town with a bright future. Won’t you stay and help make it brighter?

Once called Salem, the town is named for United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall who was born just up the road from the town at Oak Hill. Fauquier County is among the finest horse country in Virginia. Some of the most beautiful farms in the county are nearby. The Orange County hunt, sometimes comes in sight of the town when hunting foxes. It is not uncommon to see horse trailers and vans parked on Main Street. Hounds and horses abound in this area.

However it is also a great place for writers, actors politicians and other well known people to live quietly and anonymously. You may see them when they stop by town for food or supplies. Businesses in Marshall are unique. The IGA is a one of a kind sort of market, where you never know whom you will see. Bloom is another convenient place to buy food, with a large selection of dry-goods too. Southern States, the Ford Dealership, (the oldest one in the USA) and several restaurants flesh out the town. Fauquier Realty is the place to find available housing or a lovely farm. There are several churches and the Marshall Community Center for fellowship both spiritual and temporal. The Fauquier Heritage Society has its home here.

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